12x optical zoom from Leica

Leica is around since the 1930's capturing the hearts of generations of photographers and capturing the most important images of the 20th Century. An original Leica looks like this: Leica but the ads for this magnificent Leica with 12x optical zoom camera looks like this: Leica Ads Advertising Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam

Leica Ads optical zoom 12x optical 12x optical zoom Leica Ads Agency Location: Zurich-Gockhausen, Switzerland / Creative Directors: Urs Schrepfer, Christian Bobst / Art Directors: Christian Bobst, Isabelle Hauser / Copywriter: Johannes Raggio / Photographer: Christian Bobst / Account Supervisor: Sandro Breu


Creative advertising!

Innovative, but likely not going to be received with much enthusiasm.

I am happy that it doesn't have that 'clutter' feeling that usually accompanies advertising

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