Ads for California Tobacco Control Program

California Department of Public Health

California Tobacco Control Program

Advertising Agency: Acento - US, Los Angeles

1. Visually stunning - an extraordinary ad for the category. The organic look was achieved with lighting and actual photography of cigarettes, embers, smoke and trapped people. It brings to life the feeling of anxiety that smokers can relate to.

2. This image reveals the industry by spotlighting a very simple and direct message through a beautiful and clean image.

  • California Tobacco Control Program
    "Trapped" Escape Now!
  • California Tobacco Control Program
    "Mousetrap" You are smarter than they are. Say "Enough!" to the Tobacco Industry.

Photographer: Ricardo Marenco
Retoucher: Imagic

Creative Director: Marco Cassese
Copywriter: Armando Pizarro
Special thanks to Marta Alonzo from Ricardo Marenco Photography

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