Shiatsu massage advertising

The Shiatsu massage is a technique that translates into Shi (finger) and atsu (pressure). This is the concept under which has developed the next campaign abroad that stands out for its simplicity and creativity, support and merging message and allowing for active public involvement.

Shiatsu massage

It’s just a simple poster pasted on a wall with the message “Press to relax” on the image. The surprise comes when the press with your finger on the paper hears a tiny explosion caused by its rear plastic bubble.


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This advert is very thoughtful. I like the idea of an activity being involved in this as it drags much more attention to the audience. If i walked past this advertisement somewhere in a shopping mall i would come in just to be able to experience the crack of my back by a simple press of a finger. This is very thoughtful, i used this for my persuasive advertisements for psychology :) and i found a lot to write about it :) thanks

I am learning how to give good massage's can you give me some key pointers in how to make sure the massage I am giveing is safe, comfortable, and effective?

Can you send me a cheat sheet with the different preasure points in the back and what part of the body they might relax?

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