Domestic Violence Ads

"Verbal abuse can be just as horrible." as physical abuse. Association of Women for Action and Research got these ads from Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore. There are powerful ads:

Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse

Executive Creative Director: Andy Greenaway / Creative Director: Richard Copping / Copywriter: Simon Jenkins, Andrew Petch / Art Director: Ronojoy Ghosh, Ng Pei Pei / Photography: Teo Studios

Comments words can beat. . . but excellent

Very powerful visuals. Even a toad can understand this!

Fantastic work - will place it on my Blog today. Thank you very much :-)

-_- the guy above me... unnecessary....

this ad however, is amazing.

This is an absolutely incredible! Where can we get this ad. Also, you may want to consider another version with a white female victim and a white male prepetrator - not necessarily together. Also another version with teenages and same sex couples. Thank you!

It epitomises the phrase: "actions speak louder than words."

Brilliant! Actions certainly so speak louder than words!

Brilliant! very powerful..the message hits the mark right on the nose!

wow, that's all i can say... wow...

Very Powerful, Im Doing A Research Paper On Abuse And Im Def Using This Picture In My Power Point :)

I am a victim of verbal abuse. I couldn't help but stare at those adds. Very powerful and real.

I am in need of help and advice. I have been going through this for at least ten years. I want to get out. I feel I am in danger and is afraid. Please help.

These ads are racist. Every abuser is a white male and every victim is a minority.

But then white men are fair game for racism and prejudiced attacks.

Every race has abusers. And some cultures are designed around it. But hey god forbid they show a minority hitting his wife or the way an arab treats his wife every day.

i think the 2nd male is asian no?

Why is it only women being abused ? Males are abused too

I think that this shows what it is like, and how scary it is when men think that they over power women. They dont. We are all Equal, and anybody who thinks that this is amazing, are messed up in many ways!

wow just wow

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Good work, like the idea!

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