Lovemachine advertising

"Give longer. Take longer. – Lovemachine condoms. For a longer erection. By Beate Uhse."

Lovemachine advertising

Lovemachine advertising wants to sell condoms. This is a classical approach for this product, still a more new and with more impact is the "AIDS approach". Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany

Creative Directors: Götz Ulmer, Fabian Frese / Art Directors: Till Monshausen, Jens Paul Pfau

Lovemachine advertisingLovemachine advertising

Copywriters: Jo Marie Farwick, Tobias Grimm / Photographer: Tina Luther


Simple. Clean. Elegant. But the best compliment of all, “I wish I’d done them.”

Anyone else click the bottom left ad (sudoku) and see the horrible, horrible photoshop job on her left side?

The curve is jagged for Pete's sake...

Love your art work. Simply great.

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