Semos Photoshop lessons

Advertising Agency: Newmoment, Macedonia

Adobe Photoshop tips, tricks, techniques, and tutorials.. all together can make everyone look like this....

  • Semos Photoshop lessons
    Semos Photoshop lessons

Art Director: Nikola Vojnov / Creative Director: Drakalski Dushan / Copywriter: Ilinka Crvenkovska


How to do it? :)

every woman wants to look like the girl on the right!! right?

nice but the one on the right is missing a vag

Its really very nice feature in these days Photoshop is very necessary for all people they need it in their daily life so it is good innovative idea i am agree with you.Thank you for this post it has very useful information.This article contain some meaningful information.please keep posting like this with this useful information

The funny part of this ad is that neither of butts looks good! Who possibly could produce such? A blind person? Someone really doesn’t know how to use Photoshop.

sighs... i need to lose weight

Im on the same sayin as Tina..

Only ones a bit too skinny- were's the love handles at ..
The others a bit too meaty-however shes got maddd curvess..

Shame tho...trying to show people thats the only two options you can look in life....

legs look unnatural

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